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Nowadays potential customers can reach you via the Net and this will be more and more the case. How to be visible on the net when you don't have a dedicated department for communication and the right budget?

We all need new projects!

We have to be professional in our job!

We have to be in the field!

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- What about communication?

- What about new contacts?

- What about new projects?

Artisanner is composed of a tool, a portal and a service.

a tool

Catalogger, a tool that will change your website into a portfolio on mobile device.

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A portal

A regional portal to promote the Artisanners

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A service

An assistance to data acquisition and website update.

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Artisanner, is a portal allowing potential customers to reach you.

Catalogger turns your website into a portfolio on mobile device.

It is well known that the best seller of your products and services is you. But when discussing with a potential customer you don’t have always your catalogues, or pictures of your works, with you.

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So just imagine you take your smart-phone and show your partner:

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Show your partner your achievements!

Show products you sell to potential customers !

Show the result of your services to your clients!

You are in sales force position using your pictures to capture the attention of your partner.
Your know-how will make you win a new deal.

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A regional portal to promote Artisanners.

Your Catalogger integrated to the portal.


Artisanner performs for you the promotion of your website:

- Communication campaign

- Promotion activities

- Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Take advantage of the communication combinaison of all the Artisanners.


Assistance in Website content management and update

Be efficient in your job we assist you:


- Setting up your Catalogger

- Monthly update of your Website content

- Monthly update of your portfolio

Setting up your catalogger

We customise your “Catalogger”, for your products and services, change the layout of the pages, load data and pictures. Additionally, upon your request, we can improve your content and optimise it for SEO.

Monthly update of you Website content

Once a month we check with you relevant event or information that you want to communicate on. We update the content.

Monthly update of your portfolio

Once a month we shall ask you about services and products, what has to be added, to be updated or to be deleted? We update your portfolio.