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Thanks to our market knowledge on SOHO and SME needs, we create a web platform for businesses management. From simple credit invoice process till the e-commerce interface we offer a complete solution for business management; ONEBEEZ.

OneBeez is a business management tool designed for companies wishing to build an information-sharing and communicative working environment. Ideally at the disposal of small and medium-sized enterprises and retail outlets of all sizes,

OneBeez proposes for their management needs web solutions which draw on technology so far restricted to large companies.



OneBeez is business management tool designed for companies aiming to share information and to communicate in a working environment. OneBeez offers to small and medium business, to shop and chain stores web tools design to cover management needs using infrastructure reserved till then to large companies.

OneBeez includes the following functional modules :

  • e-shop
  • buyer-seller relations
  • administration and finance
  • projects and business planning
  • human resources

A unique offer from e-commerce site to business management on one platform 

  • Human resources management
  • Project management
  • Files and business management
  • Work schedule management
  • Client, supplier and third-party relations
  • Invoicing
  • Stock management
  • Finance management
  • Retailing management
  • Individual and group agendas
  • E-Shop

A platform integrating some powerful tools:

  • Report generator
  • Workflow engine
  • Import/export Engine
  • Security administration
  • Link to OpenOffice
  • Link to accountancy
  • Link to payroll   

A unique schema for an efficient management: e-Shop the e-commerce module of oneBeez integrated to retailing, invoicing and shop management.