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Costs and availability of resources

With intervention prices lower than western costs, we bring to our clients an answer to their ever-increasing needs for complex development. Localisation of our Software Factories" in Georgia and connections they have established on the local market and with universities make it possible for us to deploy high-level teams and to enjoy a quality of recruits suited to our needs.


It is due to strict quality management methods and to competence of our specialists that the numerous offshore projects undertaken by us have been successful.

Control of realisation and strictness of execution

Our clients are aware of the means we employ to keep them permanently informed about the progress of their projects. This transparency and the strictness of methods employed allow for ensuring longevity of know-how developed in each mission.

Developing a long-term partnership

The benefit for our clients is not only the funds saved by offshore development. They also want to improve control of development costs, optimise the use of internal resources; react more promptly to market developments. For all these reasons, Gurian Soft develops long-term partnerships by, e.g. de-localising R&D activities.


  • Our experience. More than 20 years in the management of offshore outsourcing projects and software development.
  • Our technical mastery.
  • Our products and services that take into account your specificities and our communication processes associate you with our work. We have chosen to build long-term relationships of trust with our partners and their customers.
  • Georgia has skills resources and a business-friendly universe. Georgia is the right country for the development of offshore products and services.


Software tools are key points in the infrastructure setting. Guriansoft uses its own tools OR others tools based on freeware adapted to internal need and maintain by dedicated team.

A good range of software products has to been supported by the best hardware. At Guriansoft the hardware is the latest. Servers are powered by Linux.

Commercial Contact : 

Pierre Tsaguria: ptsag@guriansoft.com