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Nowadays potential customers can reach you via the Net and this will be more and more the case. How to be visible on the net when you don't have a dedicated department for communication and the right budget?


Experience taught us that project specifications are often very poor, so we decided to create a tool to help project owner to draw-up efficient specifications.


Thanks to our market knowledge on SOHO and SME needs, we create a web platform for businesses management. From simple credit invoice process till the e-commerce interface we offer a complete solution for business management; ONEBEEZ.

Virtual assistance

Virtual assistance

Virtual assistant is a service available for the "Artisanner" solution.

  • Organisation and setting for your Catalogger.

  • Data acquisition for your catalogue and portfolio.

  • Monthly update of website content.

  • Monthly update of your catalogue.



Guriansoft‘s outsourcing service was designed to ensure the best collaboration between client in-house team and Gurian’s staff for all or part of the software development lifecycle. Offer consists of Process Management, Staffing and Human Resources management

Founded in 1995, Guriansoft has been operating as a service company specialised in outsourcing, offshoring and in cross border project management. Today we focus on publishing on-line-software solutions that are the result of our analysis of the market needs. We are especially targeting Craftsman, SOHO and small businesses.

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