Guriansoft Tbilisi has been operating as a service company specialised in outsourcing, offshoring and in cross border project management. Today we focus on publishing online-software solutions that are the result of our analysis of the market needs. We are especially targeting artisan, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Guriansoft created Artisanner, a web platform for business management designed for companies wishing to build an information-sharing and communicative working environment.

Artisanner is the concept of the “Full Data Digital Enterprise” that brings small and medium Enterprises, stores, store chains a web solution designed to cover the whole aspect of digital communication and management using technology so far restricted to large companies.

The full data digital management of your Enterprise: An unique offer on the web.

From the creation of your Digital-Store presenting your products, services and know-how, backed or not by the e-commerce module till the working process definition, and covering all the aspects of business management needs,

Artisanner is a full solution for small and medium companies, who want to manage, on a daily basis, without heavy infrastructure, without a department dedicated to communication, and without a substantial budget.

Catalogger is the Digital-Store of the web solution Artisanner.

Catalogger is the module of Artisanner dedicated to communication via the web. Its main goal is to strengthen the company’s presence on the web through the Digital Store, showing your know-how, services and products provided by your company.

Using Catlogger you will always have, on your mobile phone and tablet, the e-leaflet of your company, the catalogue of its products, pictures of your works, the results of your services.

By catching the attention with pictures described by short and clear text, while browsing your catalogue, your product sheets and your know-how, a prospect become a customer and make you win a new market.

Communicating to sell more effectively is the aim of the company’s marketing. With the Digital Store by Artisanner, you can do it without the help of specialised services.


A simple web interface plugged on Artisanner Business Management System, will allow your customers to buy online and you will be able to manage in real-time your stock, invoice and payment.

Customer & Supplier relationship

All the functionalities of Customer Relationship Management, that you also will be able to apply to your supplier and any other third-part of your business.

Administration & Finances

All the functionalities needed for a company administration are implemented on Artisanner, you can perform sales, purchases, stocks administration, client and supplier follow-up, payment-in and payment-out planning and banking reconciliation, establish links with accounting and payroll systems, issue documents for VAT and for any other organisation linked to your business.


Specially designed for companies selling services, the Project Module on Artisanner provide efficient management tools for a daily basis project follow-up. All the project’s stakeholders can in real-time access to data and processes they are concerned about.

The core of our business, the module project management on Artisanner has been particularly designed to be fully efficient and ergonomic.

Human resources

The most valuable resource of any company is its human potential. Planning and managing this human asset in terms of career evolution and ongoing evaluation is of utmost importance. The Human Resources module on Artisanner allow you to manage existing positions and their assignments history, open position and their recruiting criteria, contract, personal data, social care, budget for the H. R. Department and generate all necessary report linked to an efficient human resources management.

Artisanner is a flexible solution. It can be used in a very simple way ha it can be used in a more complex way by using the advanced mode.

Artisanner, the concept of the Full Data Digital Enterprise is a tool that will empower you to sell more and better the know-how and services of your company, increase the efficiency of company management and optimize your time management.

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