Our experience in project management shown us that most of the projects which fail had a bad scope definition.

SPECIFIKKATOR is a result of 20 years experience in project management, using well-known methodologies, mixed with our own way, to define and understand project definition. This tool assists you, in editing system requirement, to drive, your software development project to success.

The web tool SPECIFIKKATOR is designed for writing successful software development specification by providing a wizard for writing specification, by assisting you in project management, by helping you in decision making and by managing customer needs.

Through 10 steps, SPECIFIKKATOR helps you to cope with a wide set of issues related to any software development.

SPECIFIKKATOR provide a set of document to describe, analyse and organise your project whatever it is a website, a desktop application, an embedded application, a game or a multimedia application, a client-server application or an application for mobile devices.

Five main benefits in using SPECIFIKKATOR

  • First of all it is the easier way to setup a team work environment for requirement writing over the web.
  • Thanks to the structure and the inquiry, result is appropriate for professional project manager and software developer.
  • Empowering user in writing down his needs on a frame designed to collect the right information will be a gain of time for professional project manager and software developer
  • Who will quickly sort-out points to be studied with the principal. And because of this will improve in efficiency.
  • SPECIFIKKATOR will fit to intended budget and keep profitability.

10 Steps to create requirements.

SPECIFIKKATOR will allow you to create global system requirement divide in 10 steps, to create detail specification with description of cases of use and at least to describe the way you will test the application by describing cases of test.

Specific set of documents

SPECIFIKKATOR will provide you a set of document that will describe, analyse and organise your project.

  • The first is a collection of structured information that denotes the requirement of software
  • The second document is detail specification document, that user will fulfil when giving detail information on actions, phases of processes and behaviours of the computer program.
  • The third document is a description of expected results for functions, actions, phase of processes and behaviours of the software.
  • The fourth document is an output description document that holds the behaviours of various outputs you are waiting from your computer program.

SPECIFIKKATOR is working for you. It has been designed with the right balance of pertinent question, usability and technical innovation.

SPECIFIKKATOR is accessible and simple to use thanks to our on-line wizard. It will guide you through different steps of the development of your project's system requirements. Defining a project is not an easy task and is time consuming, SPECIFIKKATOR has been designed a sharing function to allow to build your specification with colleague or partner, or several people to work together on a shared project at any time, on any step.

SPECIFIKKATOR is a web application available 24/7 providing online service for all persons who want to make good system requirements for their Software projects