Outsourcing - Offshoring

avatar_Outsourcing - Offshoring

Guriansoft‘s core service is designed to ensure the best collaboration between client in-house team and Guriansoft’s staff for all or part of the :

  • Software development
  • Appplication maintenance and support
  • Linux System Administration

Software development

With a wide experience and a strong project management Guriansoft offer its clients a high level of service in software development. Starting from detail requirements or from simple ideas we apply our knowledge and our method to reach success in any project of any size. (Read More)

Application maintenance

Software architecturing and designing are great skills when it comes the time to support and maintain applications. At guriansoft we pay a great attention to this Maintenance and Support by using our know-how in Software publishing. (Read More)

Linux System Administration

Linux is more and more used on IT. Not only for web servers but also on workstations and intranet servers. This highly professional operation system coming from the free market and needs high qualify technicians to provide the best service at the best price. At guriansoft we take adavantage of our location where free software are masivly used. System and network Administrators are not only trained in the University but have real experience with large scale deployment. (Read More)

To be successfull in outsourcing an IT project has to be organised. This pushed us to developp a Method which was applied to the numerous succesfull offshore projects undertaken by Guriansoft. (Our Method)