TreeMaker build online you Family tree.

Treemakker is a web solution allowing anyone to create an online family tree. Treemakker is a tool based on a multi-language architecture allowing the creation of a single or multi-language family tree.
Treemakker can be deployed on any Linux based server, one instance of the application can host multiple trees. 
The application is intuitive and simple to use. 

Page Functionalities  α version β Version V1.0 V1.05 Unit test
Tree Home x x x   x
  Exit  x x x   x
  JPG Export       x  
  Server properties   x x   x
  Tree properties   x x   x
  Users   x x   x
  Translation x   x   x
  Files transfer x   x   x
  Static pages          
  Add     x   x
  Edit     x   x
  Delete x x x   x
  Add x x x   x
  Edit   x x   x
  Delete   x x   x
  Data policy   x x   x
  Popup Menu   x x   x
  Add a father x x x   x
  Add a mother x x x   x
  Add a sibling   x x   x
  Add a child   x x   x
  Add a consort   x x   x
  Edit item   x x   x
  Delete item     x   x
  Move-up     x   x
  Move-down     x   x
  Move-left     x   x
  Move-right     x   x
  Profile /     x   x
Public page  Public profile     x   x

Treemakker can be purchased as a licence for a server, but the code of Treemakker is also available for sale. Contact us for detail.

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