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White Paper - Fixed price project

Technology solutions that Guriansoft delivers to its clients invariably lead to real business results. We always strive to find the optimal approach to cooperation with the customer that would most meet the client's needs, requirements and business features. Prior to making the final project proposal, Guriansoft's experts thoroughly analyse the project requirements, software development environments and schedules. When all project matters are clear, we develop fixed-price project proposal, based on a mutual agreement about technologies used, project schedule and cost.

2018-05-29 / Redactor at Guriansoft

White Paper - Project management

This white paper aims to describe a simple approach to hire and manage projects inside Guriansoft. This is the concern of sales, project management, project planning, developers, testers, customers, consultants and company’s management. This approach should be applicable to all actors involved in processes.

2018-06-01 / Redactor at Guriansoft

White paper - The hiring process

Staffing and Human Resources: Guriansoft deploys a specific process for hiring people. Technology knowledge and experience is the first point for candidate but not the only one. Guriansoft takes care also of team working spirit, foreign language speaking, business knowledge. 

2018-05-29 / Redactor at Guriansoft

Whiter Paper - The keywords approach

When facing difficulties to get the information the most common way is to ask people to use simple word that qualify their activities, production of business processes, rules and roles. We use this way in SPECIFIKKATOR the dedicated web service to help people in writing-down functional requirements describing their needs for software development.

2018-01-30 / Redactor at Guriansoft

White paper - Time based project

For our client we designed a service that will extend their Research & Development department: Time based project. Guriansoft set a dedicated team that will focus on delivering the best service.

2018-05-29 / Redactor at Guriansoft

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