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Small and medium-sized companies need to sell. Today, to be able to sell, this company needs visibility on the Internet. It must allow the Internet user who is looking for its goods or services to find it easily on the Internet. To do this, the company needs a simple, easy-to-use and affordable tool.

The image of the company is important, but the fame of a restaurant does not depend on the decoration of the walls but on the food served to the customers. The quality of the products and the quality of the merchant's welcome are the most important elements that make a customer come back to a shop.

The template is a simple and effective response to this need. This tool allows a quick customisation of the presentation of the web pages while structuring the company's products by putting them forward.

The template is the main component of the Catalogger architecture. By template, we mean a set of layouts organised to create linked HTML pages presenting information or groups of information from a catalogue.

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