Time based project

Time based project

Time based project is a service designed for clients who need an extension of their development department. Dedicated team is set to cover the needs of the client. In order to offer the best service Guriansoft takes care of the following points:

  • Staffing
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure
  • Reporting


According to profile definitions given by the client, Guriansoft find the right person for the right place.

Project management

In order to offer the best services, for each client, Guriansoft will provide a range of services that will conduct client’s projects to success:

  • Technical management
  • Project Planner
  • Offshore manager

Thanks to its experience and its tools Guriansoft is able to provide the best project management and the best team management in order to allow client’s projects to reach their goals.


People, experience are not enough to success in software development. A good infrastructure is needed to empower the development team. This is the first step to enable a good communication between the team itself and between outsourcing team and client’s team. The communication starts by a well established process of communication. According to the client’s needs Guriansoft will set a communication plan.


Reporting is provided by our tools that are key points in the infrastructure setting. Guriansoft uses Artisanner Human-ressources, Artisanner Project-management, Specifikkator (requirement builder) and others tools based on freeware adapted to internal need and maintain by dedicated team (defects tracking, specifications repository, and sources sharing). A good range of software products has to been supported by the best hardware. At Guriansoft the hardware is the latest. Servers are powered by Linux.

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