The Genesis

Guriansoft has a long story over the UK, France, Ukraine and Georgia. The history of Guriansoft is closely linked to the story of its founder Pierre Tsaguria.

In need to buy the shares of his partner in a French IT company, and in need to avoid being the sole owner of a company in France, Pierre Tsaguria turned to England where company creation was much easier than in France. In 1995 was created Gurian Investment LTD in Inverness Scotland which, at this time, had the only duty to be the co-owner of a French company. Quickly it happened that Scotland was much more interesting than the hugely taxed French economy. Step by step business moved to Scotland and Gurian Investment LTD registered the name of Guriansoft for its computer linked activities. Therefore, it was acting as Guriansoft. At this time Guriansoft was focusing on R&D research and selling Allix-v1.0.

Having a foot in the UK, opportunity rapidly came to work with other countries in Europe, the French activity quickly turn to an Intra-European presence under the tradename Guriansoft.

At this time the major product Allix v1.0 was an application running under a Unix server. It was decided to port the application on a client-server architecture, and for this Guriansoft Ukraine was established in 1999. For the commercialisation, on the French market, of this version, Guriansoft France was registered in 2000. Results didn't match expectations, the reporting was too weak. So the R&D department in Ukraine worked on a web-based architecture for a report engine that will be used by business objects, that was Report Server. R&D research and product design were financed by cross-border projects management.

in 2009 was created Guriansoft Tbilisi, and we saw the creation of Artisanner. In 2012 R&D department and all activities of software development were operated from Tbilisi.

In 2010 Gurian Investment LTD was moved from Inverness to Tbilisi and became Gurian Investment LLC. Today we have no more presence in the UK, France and Ukraine.

Today Gurian Investment LLC is the main shareholder of Guriansoft Tbilisi, Remote Service Georgia and Gurian3D.

Guriansoft Tbilisi is developing and selling Web Solutions for SMEs.

Guriansoft, French Engineering made in Georgia.

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