Pierre Tsaguria

Pierre Tsaguria

With a dual competence in economics and management (University of Caen) and software development (Computer Business Institute Paris), Pierre TSAGURIA, an entrepreneur by conviction, is the main developer and founder of GURIANSOFT, which he has managed since 1995. This company develops and sells management software for small and medium-sized enterprises.

During his career he has participated in numerous IT development projects, first in the Macintosh world of Apple and then in the Unix world. Her functional areas of expertise are human resources management, financial management, business management and of course project management. Some projects have had a European and international reputation. In particular, he created Allix, a human resource management tool developed for an international organization (1989) and turned it into a product. At the same time he has developed a business management, a file processing tool for mass marketing, cash management and budget management. From 1993 to 1997 he was involved in the creation of a software redistribution company imported from Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. In 1995 he created Guriansoft in Scotland and focused on its development.

In the 2000s, he carried out projects in collaboration with the EU/ Belgium / Ireland / Switzerland / Germany / Canada / Ukraine / Belarus, dealing with computer security.From 1998, Pierre Tsaguria's activities are oriented towards Ukraine where he has several contracts (cash management for French structures 1998-2011). He created Guriansoft Ukraine in 1999 to develop a new version of Allix. It invests in a research and development project to create a web state generator allowing to query a database and to output reports on demand (Report Server) it finances the research by developing a Web Agency in Ukraine.

At that time he created Speciffikkator, a support tool to help clients write their specifications. Using the report generator as a base, it builds a new web platform or integrates Allix functionality, project management, sales management and cash management. This project will be of particular interest to Europeans with whom it will sign a distribution agreement: The platform is named OneBeez and has been presented at numerous computer shows in Europe and around the world (2009).

Pierre Tsaguria also develops Guriansoft Tbilisi and opened an office for the development of a business management product in Georgia in 2009, where he wishes to focus his professional activity on the country of his origins and settle there. Pierre Tsaguria has also developed several projects as a Java developer (2012). These experiences allow him to work on a web page management tool, which will be launched in 2018 under the name of Catalogger. He eventually wants to integrate this project into OneBeez under a new concept of fully digital business management that he named Artisanner.

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