Catalogger has been designed to generate HIGH quality and FAST websites. These advantages lie in its architectural principles: Catalogger is composed by two distinct applications: CATALOGGER FRONT END application that generates websites and CATALOGGER ADMINISTRATION CONSOLE, which provides CROSS SITE Administration and great working comfort for the administrators.

  • No heavy Javascript nor CSS is embedded while generating pages. Catalogger use only needed Javascript and needed CSS nothing more.
  • Only one instance of Catalogger is needed on a server. Therefore the application can manage as many Websites as the server can hosts.
  • File access is secure. Pictures, PDF related to a domain are not in the web container and are accessible only by URL.
  • Catalogger is a Software As A Service. It is moving forward and improving every day to satisfy requests of clients, so there is no risk of obsolescence. Versions are released according to product plan. Each client takes advantage of the update, new features, and improvement. Catalogger pays particular attention to avoid regression while updating software.
  • Templates are editable, user can modify and build pages as per your needs.




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