Taberna, the ready to use template for e-stores


Taberna is a website template for online shops. The template is based on a product catalogue, products that can be classified into different subcategories. The structure of the catalogue and the subcategories can be easily modified to suit the needs of each company.

The template consists mainly of a home page, a product list page with a search box and order management pages. The page templates can be modified in their structure and layout to suit the needs of the shop.

What do you need to start:

  • A short presentation of your activity
  • A logotype
  • A list of catalogs you want to present
  • A short presentation of each catalog
  • One picture, or more, per catalog
  • Field information for item of each catalog
  • At least one picture per item.
  • Any story you would like to put on your website.

Demonstration website for « Taberna »:


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