Linux System and Networks Administration

Linux System and Networks Administration

Linux is more and more used on IT. Not only for web servers but also on workstations and intranet servers. This highly professional operation system coming from the free market and needs high qualify technicians to provide the best service at the best price. At Guriansoft we take advantage of our location in Tbilisi, Georgia ( Caucasus ) where free software are massively used. Linux System and network Administrators are not only trained in the University but have real experience with large scale deployment.

Pre-requisites: computers are on a local network accessible from the Internet. Each computer must be reachable by a local IP address.

Linux version:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

Services provided by Guriansoft:


  • Remote installation of systems on workstations.

  • configuration of user access,
  • configuration of access to internet resources,
  • internet access configuration,
  • security management.


  • Remote installation of systems on servers.

  • server security configuration,
  • web services configuration,
  • secure web access configuration,
  • configuration of mail services,
  • configuration of FTP servers,
  • configuration of database services.


  • Maintenance of the facilities.

  • Installing software on workstations.

  • Backups configuration.


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