Customizable catalogue and item description

A Gate to multi-catalogues. Catalogger is designed to create catalogues. Goods, products and services online, your catalogues are customizable according to your needs.

Creating your catalogues.

A catalogue is a list that presents your products or services and everything you have to sell on Internet.
A catalogue has a standard presentation, usually a page with a list of goods, products, services. For each catalog, the Administrator can define the label used in the catalog item list presentation. Each catalogue can have a specific presentation of its articles.
You describe these products and services in your own way by giving the information that characterizes them. A series of fields are defined by default: name, introduction, description, URL, pitch, video link, icon, images and SEO fields. You create as many information fields as you need.
For each field, you can define whether or not it is a search criteria, whether or not it is public or private data. Catalogger supports as many catalogs as you want. A product or service can be presented in several catalogues, for each product you have a main catalogue and you can add a link to other catalogues.


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