White Paper - The keywords approach

pict_Whiter Paper - The keywords approach

The “Keyword” approach in functional description.

Functional requirement is part of the “System Requirements” document and is written while analysing processes to be automatized. In a normal way, this part of the “Project Folder” has to be driven by a professional used to manage interview with people able to describe business or production activities.

During interview analyst will listen to people describing activities and ask questions about processes, rules, actions and roles. He will write-down all collected information in a document and will build a document that will be, then, validated by a committee. Each analyst has his own rules and know-how to catch the aim of the discussion with users in order to sort-out information, processes, actions and rules to be automatized.

When facing difficulties to get the information the most common way is to ask people to use simple word that qualify their activities, production of business processes, rules and roles. We use this way in Specifikkator the dedicated web service to help people in writing-down functional requirements describing their needs for software development.

Even if we are speaking about software development the word “Keyword” we use is to be understood from a linguistic point of view, as a word which occurs in a business description more often than we would expect to occur by chance alone. Keyword, in Specifikkator is not as in computer programming a reserved word or an identifier.

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