Templates to design your HTML pages

Templates to design your HTML pages

The template is the basis for the generation of HTML pages. The template is a file that contains the structural information of the HTML page to be built. The template can be edited in graphic mode for non-technical people and in text mode for more technical people.

In the Template file, simple HTML objects and complex HTML objects are used. The simple HTML objects are those of the HTML language. The complex HTML objects are provided by the platform. There are 145 complex objects, their number and their functionalities will evolve. For example, the "show-location" object will display a clickable "Marker" icon that will open a window with the Google map where a marker will mark the location indicated by the latitude and longitude recorded in the domain information.

A template is used for one page, there can be as many templates as the type of page needed to build the website. For more complex structures, one template can call another. Each object used in the template has a type and attributes.


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