Automatic data loading with Catalogger:
a case of study.

Loading data is an important step in setting up your digital shop window. This step can be long and tedious depending on the volume of data you wish to present and the quality of the data you are going to import into your catalogues. Loading a large volume of data can take time and consume a lot of resources of the server that hosts the application.

In the case of Azur-InterPromotion, the initial loading wwas easy: the data was already organised and the format for presenting the data on the web pages was defined in advance. In total, the catalog of real estate programs includes 11,000 records, or nearly 9,800 records archived and accessible by URL. Azur Interpromotion has decided to keep the archived files because they have an indexation that search engines are familiar with. It is possible to hide file when necessary.

Azur Interpromotion presents real estate programs of big names of the french property developers and the most of files are updated daily. Of course, the files are not updated by hand. A series of processes has been put in place to ensure the automatic loading of the data required to generate these files.

Depending on the case, real estate developers make available on their server one or more update files, others by secure access deposit update files on the CATALOGGER server.

The difficulty in setting up such a process comes from the diversity of exchange formats between property developers and the Azur site. A process was therefore defined by data flow, i.e. a flow representing the data of a promoter and common management rules. No less than fourteen processes were put in place when the automatic data loading operation was launched. Each process processes the data from its incoming format to the format defined by Azur. The processed data is tagged and qualified to identify the origin of the information. Thus, information entered by an operator and information from an external data stream can be quickly recognised.

Each process has a series of well-defined tasks to format the data in the format required by Azur-InterPromotion. The processes are launched according to a precise schedule.

The basic principle is that an existing record is updated and the availability in batches is refreshed. If a record does not exist, it is automatically created and placed at the top of the list in the programme administration. The administrator can then qualify and personalise the record. The photos and PDFs accompanying the programme sheet in the feed have been uploaded to the programme folder. This allows the administrator to choose the photos for the slider and the PDFs that will be made available to users.

The automatic loading of data that we have set up for Azur-InterPromotion is a real asset in the daily management of the electronic catalogue that is the site. This possibility makes it possible to offer Internet users permanently updated information on properties for sale on the real estate market.

Azur-InterPromotion is a wealth management advisor on the French market. The site uses the "Advisor" template (

Azur-InterPromotion also uses a specific functionality of CATALOGGER: the multi-domain. You can find more information about this feature on our website:


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