Advisor, the ready to use template for asset management advisor

Advisor is a template model designed for companies offering advise for asset management. It is designed to highlight the properties you want to highlight. It is equipped with a search engine allowing the user to refine his search... In this template the function of the search modules by criteria of the Catalogger find their full use.


A template to present the activity of a business asset management services.

The template is composed of the following layouts:

  • programList used to present list of item of a catalog
  • publicPrivateFile used to present content of an item when some data are split between private and public
  • programFile use to present content of an item
  • homeAzur used for the home page
  • dynamicAzur used for page with information not related with catalog
  • messagePage
  • programOnMap used to present items on a Google Map
  • postsList used to present list of post
  • blogPost used to present content of a post
  • Ooooops used to present error page
  • loginUser used to enable user to login
  • logOffUser used to enable user to logout
  • programListAjax used to load large list of item of a catalog
  • containerCatalog used to present static information and a catalog
  • catCatalog used to present a list of catalog

what do you need to start:

  • A short presentation of your activity
  • A logotype
  • A list of catalogs you want to present
  • A short presentation of each catalog
  • One picture, or more, per catalog
  • Field information for item of each catalog
  • At least one picture per item.
  • Any story you would like to put on your website.

Demonstration website for «Advisor»:

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