Software development Tbilisi

Software development Tbilisi

Thanks to 20 years experience, in development and team management, and high qualified teams we are able to answer your requirements and provide high quality solution for your software development. First step is to check understanding of the requirements and project feasibility. Second step is to check our ability to perform the work. Third step is to set between client and us the proper way to communicate. In order to help our client to write good requirements we developed a On-Line tool that allows anyone to develop specifications:

Whatever is the size of the IT project we pay the same attention. We take in charge all project sizes and we focus on quality for each one.

Our main activities for Software Development involves:

  • On demand software development and implementation,
  • Business analysis for system requirements,
  • Software re-engineering,

Our expertise covers the folowing domains:

  • e-Reporting System,
  • e-Human Resources,
  • e-Project Management,
  • e-Finance,
  • e-Commerce.

You can check our expertise in our product:

  • Artisanner: Digital Catalogue (link) 
  • Artisanner: Business Resources Planning (link)
  • Specifikkator: Web tool to produce requirements. (link)

We are familiar with the following technologies:

  • PHP, HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, DHMTL and CSS
  • ASP.NET, WinForms, C#, .NET Framework.
  • JAVA, including Java applets, servlets, Java SP and J2EE

In order to develop:

  • Web Applications,
  • Web Portal,
  • Web Site and all web solutions

At Guriansoft, a client is, above all, a partner. That's why we want our collaboration to be totally transparent. Therefore, we define a communication plan and we adapt our infrastucture to this, in each IT project. 

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