A solution for business management

A solution for business management

Artisanner's business management software integrates the broadest functions necessary to monitor and manage the company's business, from prospecting to invoicing. The main features of the business management software allow you to:

  • to edit your quotes and orders
  • to structure, monitor and manage in real time the running of the company's business 
  • management of operating budgets: entry of objectives (turnover, costs, margins, etc.), comparison with actual results, revisions
  • automatic management of internal and external subcontracting
  • to generate all the reports and dashboards necessary for a clear visibility of the company's activities 

Artisanner's business management software offers many advantages:

  • a transversal vision on the whole of the company's activity,
  • the automation of internal work processes, resulting in significant productivity gains,
  • an organizational tool that makes business management more reliable,
  • it is a 100% customizable software that adapts to the needs of each business and each company,
  • it is a full web ERP in SaaS mode, available 24/7, and dedicated to Very Small Enterprises and Small Medium Enterprises ensuring a rapid return on investment,
  • it is a careful ergonomics, in perpetual improvement, which allows a better handling by our users

Artisanner is a solution adapted to your needs, efficient, which has required more than 10 years of development and has proven its worth. Artisanner has benefited from the experience built up over more than 25 years by its creator in business management and a deep knowledge of the management needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Finally, Artisanner is the assurance of being supported throughout the process by the staff of its publisher, Guriansoft. 

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