Customer relationship management designed for service companies

Customer relationship management designed for service companies

Artisanner's CRM meets your needs in customer relationship management:

  • it manages your prospects and optimizes prospecting follow-up
  • it reduces the sales cycle and its cost
  • it identifies your future customers and markets with high growth potential for companies
  • it carries out multi-channel marketing operations
  • it allows you to monitor the evolution of your company's objectives in real time 
  • it improves customer satisfaction and allows you to identify your inactive customers

Artisanner's CRM for customer relationship management includes:

  • customer relationship management and prospect management
  • it constitutes the information base on the companies and contacts with whom your company works or wishes to work 
  • it automatically manages telemarketing
  • it generates marketing and emailing campaigns 
  • it allows multiple entry searches, it exports Excel and Word documents
  • it manages customer references

The CRM of Artisanner allows you to track your business opportunities in real time:

  • it manages commercial actions
  • he manages commercial opportunities and quotations
  • it manages the sales cycles
  • it manages your business objectives and commercial reporting functions 

Artisanner's CRM is a SaaS and fully scalable according to the specific needs of your company:

  • you have access to the customer relationship management module via your laptop, smartphone and tablet.
  • you can generate graphical dashboards
  • you can customize the CRM module to infinity according to your needs 

Artisanner's CRM allows you to synchronize it with external links:

  • it synchronizes your calendars and contacts with Google & Microsoft Exchange/Office 365
  • it allows a geolocation link with Google Maps for example or another GPS of your choice (on request)
  • it manages the customer relationship with the social networks on which your company is active

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