Outsourcing project management

Our method

Using leading and the best methodologies dedicated for high-quality software development we assure transparency of processes during every stage of product development, well coordinated and harmonious work of every team and every member involved in a project, and creation of final product on schedule, in budget and with predefined known level of the quality.

Our method is a process framework that has been refined over the years which has been widely used for all types of software projects—from small to large


Each process has to be tuned according to the project needs. Having clearly established the operational needs related to a IT project, we make a plan of the project with our client. This plan, beside project phases, contains means to be employed for its realisation: organisation, responsibilities, division of the project, qualification and quantification of resources as well as their implementation. These planning activities are subject to a follow-up in which Guriansoft management is involved.

It is at this level that document management procedures, data, and platforms are defined, as well as the tools.

Control and management

To our clients we bring complete transparency of project evolution and means employed. We have equipped our offshore sites with communication tools making it possible for project team members to be in permanent contact. Also, we organise periodical progress meetings on site or on site of current work during which all-essential plan elements are reviewed.

In particular, we arrange for productivity reports and for measurement means adapted to each project configuration.

Delegation of responsibility

To each project we allocate a team selected especially for its competence and capacity to integrate itself into the client’s problems. In each team the engineers have responsibilities that are clearly defined at the beginning of work.

However, we believe that the success of a IT project is also due to the quality of people and their observance of a coherent and clear policy. Our policy of motivation and our growth make it possible for us to ensure the optimum efficiency during projects, and at the same time to ensure to our engineers a professional exposure that guarantees the longevity of their know-how under Guriansoft’s wings.

Our method for system and network administration is based on the same approach as for the software developement applied to the specific needs of Linux systems and networks administration.

Below are available our different processes and white-papers that you can download.

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Specifikkator : The best tool to define exactly your project's system requirements with a unique keyword approach.

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