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Where does Catalogger come from?

Catalogger is an answer to customers' requests for a powerful, multi-entry, multi-domain, multi-language application. The specification required an easily modifiable page structure, heavy data management and centralized update. Additionally, it was required to avoid any large library.

Why SaaS

Regarding the requirement with multi-entry, multi-domain and centralised updates we came naturally to design a server that would allow this. The multi-entry was designed above the requirement allowing to have on a server multi-level administration. The decision to have an offer as a service was coming in the fall.

How does it work?

Guriansoft offers you three ways to build your SaaS offer

  • Set up from Guriansoft's shared servers
  • Set up from a dedicated server at Guriansoft
  • Set up on your server

What does it cost?

Licence for a server on mutual server@guriansoft

TypeLicenceFirst-yearOther years
 1 – 10 domains1,500.00225.00
 11 - 25 domains3,250.00487.50
 26 - 50 domains6,000.00900.00
 51 - 100 domains10,000.001500.00

For a licence on dedicated server@guriansoft, you need to add the price of the server which depend on the configuration chosen.

For a licence on your local server, you need to add fees for installation and maintenance.

Licence for one domain in SaaS

TemplateFirst-year public priceIntegrator priceOther years
Modern business1,100.00825.00165.00
Moda Modum Modare400.00300.0060.00

Prices are in $ payable in equivalent in Euro, GPB, GEL

Prices and packages can be changed by Guriansoft without any prior notice.

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