A powerful planning management software

A powerful planning management software

The needs of a company in planning management are all included in this specific module of Artisanner:

  • it plans appointments with your prospects, customers or resellers 
  • it plans the follow-up actions of your marketing and prospecting campaigns
  • it plans the tasks to be performed by your sales teams
  • it checks the availability of employees for the organisation of internal meetings
  • it shares agendas for greater fluidity and better coordination of your teams

Artisanner's planning management module includes:

  • the company's general agenda 
  • access to your employees' agenda to schedule appointments
  • synchronizing your calendar and that of your employees with other calendars such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange/Office 365
  • the general planning of your employees, teams, departments
  • it plans specific and periodic actions with one or more stakeholders 
  • it allows you to view the agenda on a daily basis, on a weekly and monthly basis
  • He plans the actions, the commercial actions with planned date and duration
  • he manages the invitations
  • it allows to visualize the different types of actions by a color code

Artisanner's planning module allows a complete customization according to your needs because...it is fully customizable. 

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