Catalogger a powerful Engine to generate your HTML pages

Catalogger a powerful Engine to generate your HTML pages

There are many extraordinary solutions that allow you to build your websites with little technical knowledge and to manage them. Millions of websites are based on these Content Manager Systems. Revolutionary fifteen years ago, these CMS no longer satisfy the needs of a modern website, which requires above all efficiency, robustness and speed.

Thanks to its design and the technologies used for its development, Catalogger offers all the advantages of its competitors, ease of use, almost unlimited scalability, without having the technical disadvantages and the heaviness, and does not require permanent debugging and time-consuming technical adaptations.

Catalogger integrates the latest features of CCS3 into its core, so that designers can use the tool to express all their talent. But Catalogger is designed above all as a website generator that enhances content rather than design. Its architecture postulates have been designed to avoid the problems encountered by its competitors and above all to facilitate the updating and work of the Administrators.

Easy management of sites and their content

In order to facilitate its management, the centralized manager of the site or network of sites does not require any technical or computer knowledge. The tool is intuitive and uses mouse technology.

A software in evolution

Catalogger is a constantly evolving tool with frequent updates, without questioning the existing system. Catalogger is not available in open source, but listens to its users' requests, and builds the specifications for subsequent versions based on user feedback.

More than a CMS

Beyond a CMS, Catalogger is a web application that allows you to generate HTML pages from digital content.

Our vision is that a website today should be a catalogue of products and services that Internet users can easily browse. A Catalogger website should be seen first and foremost as a sales support tool that supports a company's sales efforts.

In this highly competitive market, Catalogger offers major advantages. Catalogger has been developed with clean technologies that allow it to be, at the same level of complexity, easier to use, safer, stronger and faster than its competitors on the market. It is probably one of the best in its category. 

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