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Time based project is a service designed for clients who need an extension of their development department. Dedicated team is set to cover the needs of the client. In order to offer the best service Guriansoft takes care of the following points:

  • Staffing
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure
  • Reporting


According to profile definitions given by the client, Guriansoft find the right person for the right place. The process is the following

In order to hire the right person at the right place the interview process is divided in four main steps:

  • Welcome to candidate,
  • Technical interview,
  • Global interview,
  • Validation by Client.

time base project diagram

The welcome to candidate

In order to welcome for interviewees, we should be able to provide the following information or documents:

  • Company & Client presentation
  • Benefits synopsis
  • Project presentation
  • Organizational chart (project and company)
  • History of company
  • Statement of mission, goals, objectives, and initiatives
  • Business information from company

The candidate will provide us some information and will fulfil the Personal Information Form.

The technical interview

The technical interview is driven by the Client’s project leader or by Guriansoft. The main idea is to check the technical background of the candidate and to check if candidate fits to the technical requirement. This interview is done in two steps.

First step: the candidate will have to code and to build an algorithm in target language in a short lap of time (20’). The project leader will have prepared the adequate algorithm to check if candidate fits the required knowledge.

Second step: The Client’s project leader and Guriansoft will drive an oral interview enabling the project leader to appreciate the professional experience of the candidate.

Third step: Code evaluation, after the oral interview client’s project leader and Guriansoft will meet together to check code and minute of interview. In addition specialist can be invited to check the code and for debriefing.

The main interview

The global interview is done by Guriansoft. The main idea is to understand:

  • Communication skill
  • English (foreign languages) speaking level
  • Writing capabilities
  • Team spirit
  • Candidate appropriateness to profile definition

If it's needed during the interview Guriansoft should ask candidate to fill an English competency form. This form will help for English evaluation.

The approval

Once all interviews have been done, documents are sent to Client. A dedicated person or a committee of Client will give or not the approval for hiring the candidate.

If Client approves the candidate, it should be notify as soon as possible to Guriansoft.

Usually a delay of 2 weeks is needed for a candidate to leave his work and take a new one. Sometimes if it is written in his contract signed with his employing company delay can be a month or two.

Approval should be notified in a week, by official way.

Project management

In order to offer the best services, for each client, Guriansoft will provide a range of services that will conduct client’s projects to success:

  • Technical management
  • Project Planner
  • Offshore manager

Thanks to its experience and its tools Guriansoft is able to provide the best project management and the best team management in order to allow client’s projects to reach their goals.

Technical management

For each project will be provided. a technical leader This person in charge of a project or part of the project is a technical mentor for the developer. His technical knowledge, his professional experience and his leading experience will ensure the client a real management at follow-up of the project.

Project planner

Not technical, but specialised in planning management project planner is a key person for project follow-up and time management. This person allows client to know the status of the project and prevents for any delay and any trouble based on time consuming.

Offshore manager

Key people for project and contract manager, this person is dedicated to a client and focus on the good relation with the client. Usually based in the client's country, the offshore manager is daily in contact with the development team and is aware of all progress and all trouble of the projects.


People, experience are not enough to success in software development. A good infrastructure is needed to empower the development team. This is the first step to enable a good communication between the team itself and between outsourcing team and client’s team. The communication starts by a well established process of communication. According to the client’s needs Guriansoft will set a communication plan.

At least depending on the needs given by the client, the project can be hosted inside the Guriansoft office in dedicated room. It can also be hosted in a specific office specially set for the project.


Software tools are key points in the infrastructure setting. Guriansoft uses its own tools like Artisanner Human-ressources, Artisanner Project-management, Specifikkator (requirement builder) and others tools based on freeware adapted to internal need and maintain by dedicated team (defects tracking, specifications repository, and sources sharing). A good range of software products has to been supported by the best hardware. At Guriansoft the hardware is the latest. Servers are powered by Linux.


Good communication process needs to be supported by the adequate network. Guriansoft tunes the network to the need of the project, enabling the best communication with the client.

Conference room

At Guriansoft a conference room can be used for all the projects. Communication tools enable to be online with most of the countries around the world.


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