Guriansoft launch Artisanner's New Website

pict_Guriansoft launch Artisanner's New Website

Hello and welcome to all!

Guriansoft is proud to announce the launch of Artisanner new website. This new communication tool is at the disposal of our customers and our partners.

You will find a pretty presentation of our Webware, and the high level services that Artisanner provides to Small and Medium Enterprises.

It's a Web platform for Business Management and Digital Communication designed for companies wishing to build an information-sharing and communicative working environment.

Artisanner is a Software as a Service

Artisanner is an exhaustive and effective internet-based tool, integrating all functionalities required for the business management of your company, On A Single Platform. The design of Artisanner is the culmination of a reflection that begun in the 1990s.

Guriansoft, today, offers the quintessence of its experience and its know-how in Business Management through this Web Solution illustrating our concept of "Full Data Digital Enterprise" that brings Small and Medium Enterprises, stores, store chains a full web solution designed to cover the whole aspect of the digital communication and management using a technology so far restricted to large companies.

An extended information fluidity

Artisanner is targeting companies wishing to modernise their management processes in an information-sharing and communicative working environment. The concepts of working environment, work-group, data work-group, are essential in the management of the global company business in the 21st century. Artisanner is designed to streamline and simplify the process of channelling and processing information. Its goal is to optimise the business management of SMEs.


Best Regards,

Guriansoft Press office


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