Catalogger the Digital-Store

Catalogger the Digital-Store

CATALOGGER, the digital store of the ARTISANNER platform

CATALOGGER is the digital communication tool of the ARTISANNER platform. Its goal is to strengthen the company's presence on the Web through a digital store presenting the know-how, services and products offered/provided by your company.

Focusing on what we do and what we sell is the communication option chosen by Artisanner.

Catalogger is a product that turns your website into a dynamic Portfolio. With Catalogger, you always have with you, on your mobile and tablet, the image of your company, its catalog of products, photos of your work, the results of your services. By capturing attention through the image, illustrated with simple and clear texts, flipping through your catalog, your product sheets and your know-how, a prospect becomes a customer and makes you win a new market.

Communicate to sell better is the essence of a company's marketing. With the digital showcase CATALOGGER you can do it without resorting to specialized services.

Fully customizable templates

Artisanner provides its customers with website templates. Depending on your activity, you choose the model that suits your needs. You can fully configure its content, the presentation of your products and services, upload photos, images and logo, change colors and text to personalize your communication. Through its CSS, Artisanner offers you a total freedom in the creation and the implementation of the design of your Digital-Store. You customize your pages to your image quickly without the help of a developer.

Simple and robust code, fast loading

In order to allow you to take your digital-store everywhere with you, we pay particular attention to the performance of our application on mobile devices. Your digital-store is hosted on the shared servers of Artisanner and complies with all the rules, page structures and html standards.

eagerly awaited by the search engines for a good indexing of its content. The HTML code of Catalogger is very simple and robust. Catalogger is optimized for ultra-fast mobile loading which puts your digital store at the top of search engine rankings.

A help to the creation of SEO

Catalogger also offers a powerful tool to help create SEO for an excellent referencement of web pages by search engines.

Maintenance, protection, security

Catalogger integrates annual maintenance, customer data protection and backup security. It is also an evolution of the "Site Templates" with new functionalities and a permanent update of the technologies used, evolution which are upon the requests of Artisanner’s users .

Catalogger has a global care from hosting to version upgrades, software upgrades and third-party application maintenance. You benefit from the latest innovations directly integrated into your solution to boost your digital communication.

CATALOGGER It's deprogrammed obsolescence!



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