Customer and Supplier Relationship

Customer and Supplier Relationship

Make the most of the customer relations management functions that you can also adapt to your suppliers, company, staff and relations.

A specially designed dashboard for management under a single function of :

  • Customer relations
  • Supplier relations
  • Third party relations

A dashboard consisting of seven tabs allowing seven separate access channels? entries to data on customers, suppliers, third parties and your company business.

  • Organiser tab
  • Persons tab
  • Companies tab
  • Events tab
  • ‘To do’ tab
  • Contracts § Sales tab
  • Projects § Deals tab

Access by organiser

The organiser tab provides access by day, month and year. You have acess to your colleagues schedules, and allows you to share information and meetings details. Here you can also keep track of their work load (personnels de production) and on-going and future vacations

Access by Persons

The persons tab allows you to find all your contacts with their details as well as past and future events, your company turn-over and past and on-going projects and business.

Access by organisations

The companies tab will give you access to all companies with their contact details, past and present events, their current turn-over and past and on-going projects and business.

Access by events

Access via the events tab provides you with an account of all your completed and up-coming commercial activities. An ‘event’ covers the notions of meeting, telephone calling, contact by personal and contact-list mailing and any other type of event that you may wish to create

Acces by to do list

The ‘to do’ tab will give you direct access to your urgent tasks and each event on the list is linked to relevant contacts and companies. One click will take you to a detailed reminder of each of your to-do tasks.

Access by Contracts / Sales

With the contracts/sales tab, you have immediate access to the list of on-going and potentialdeals.

Acces by Procjets § Deals

Whether you are a service company or a production workshop, this module will be your daily support for assigning and monitoring tasks for all active members of your projects. (please refer to the description of the module here)

Third party access

Any company must communicate up-dated news to all interested groups, not only for marketing purposes, but to keep people aware of deals - those being negotiated, those that are current and those that are planned.This kind of information must be controlled and distributed in real time to groupsincluding, among others:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • External consultants
  • Company accountants
  • Company lawyers
  • Company personnel
  • Etc...

With Artisanner you can build users’ profiles according to your needs and to authorize or deny access to selected filtered information.

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