Human resources

Human resources

The Artisanner HR module allows you to manage positions and functions, assign them over time, manage job vacancies and recruitment criteria, contract management, personal information, social security, human resources budget and more. Typically Artisanner RH generate all the reports needed for HR management.

Artisanner RH puts at your disposal a range of reliable tools to meet all your ongoing and future needs.

It is a complete and flexible solution that meets the needs of any company with complex human resource management processes. Artisanner HR enables you to anticipate, manage, remunerate and develop the human capital of your company.

It brings together a set of features, rich and effective, accompanying you on a daily basis in administrative management, career management, training of your staff.

It ensures the complete preparation of information for payroll management systems, that in multi-currency. Artisanner Report, integrated in the solution, allows to release all the necessary reports for the management of human resources.


  • Personal files: Each employee’s civil status and their administrative and salary details.
  • Records : managing the records of all staff and their careers
  • Conventialreports– Entry/Exit, staff present in current year, medical record, family and marriage status, social security and activitydetails.
  • Specificreports– employees’bank details, list by status, etc

Careers management

  • Contract : Several contracts per staff employeewith automatic up-dating of the main file
  • Assignment: several posts per assignment; each post can be linked to a project and to a project phase.A record of coefficients, working hours, grades, salary management codes, assignments.
  • Position: Daily entries on administrative, operational and medical positions.


  • Entering details of staff travel – land, air and sea – with date and time of departure, transit and arrival.
  • Listing all journeys
  • Monthly up-dating of provisional travel plans
  • Mission Orders
  • Nominative and descriptive mission statements

Managed functions list

Referential, configuring salary rubrics, salary variable, job table, personal details, career, sites, invoicing, currency table, till statements, tax forms, costs statement, social data transfer, monthly payments, holiday management, salary families, bank details, diplomas, professional training, CVs, posts, recruitment, budget management control, expatriate staff, unpaid staff, social security, medical refunds, medical check-ups, travel management, secondments of nationals,reporting schedule, research instruments, conventional statement, specific statement, etc.


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