Catalogger E-Shop

Catalogger E-Shop

The creation of your online store is very fast. Thanks to Artisanner's Catalogger and SaaS technology, you can create an effective e-Commerce site with complete autonomy or with our assistance and benefit highly innivative services.

A simple On-Line Store for everyday efficiency

You access your On-Line Digital Store via your Internet network. There is no software to install, no compatibility problem, no hosting or updates to manage. The Artisanner e-commerce solution is designed to help you achieve significant productivity gains: for example, you can manage your eBay and Amazon orders from the Catalogger Back Office. Innovative features like Amazon Pay or the Facebook Store are integrated and can be activated in a few clicks to help you generate revenue quickly.

A Powerful Business Management System

Your Digital e-Commerce Store is connected to the Artisanner Business Management system and allows your customers to buy On-Line and you, have an operational management of your store, your On-Line catalog, your database items, your stocks, your orders, your invoices and your payments in real time, your customer base, your management rules and prices, etc ... You control all your activity On-Line from the platform Artisanner. You update your e-Commerce site and handle large amounts of data in a minimum amount of time. Synchronization with the Artisanner Business Management System guarantees you a real-time update of the modified data to optimize your performance.

All the administration of your e-Shop is made in ARTISANNER which thanks to its powerful tools saves you time and serenity. 

Design and customizable features

Seduce users by offering a design in line with your industry and optimal navigation. Our graphic experts implement the best practices to create e-shop that convert.

Customise features for a successful e-Shop

Our e-Commerce experts study and implement 100% customised features to make your site unique and even more powerful. Advanced search filters, personalised product configurator, connection to the largest marketplaces where you can distribute your products, connection with external software, customised dynamic baskets ...

Our expertise to guide you

Want to create Google AdWords campaigns, add specific features to your e-business, create a custom design? Guriansoft support you throughout every stage of your project : design, SEO, consulting, digital strategy ... Guriansoft provides also a free and unlimited technical support 365 days a year to assist you in the development of your online store.

Optimize your performance

Guriansoft webmarketing experts work with you to ensure the success of your online business by analysing the performance of your site. Take advantage of e-Commerce best practices to achieve your revenue goals. Coaching, content integration, A / B test, digital strategy ... get a detailed assessment of your main indicators and a complete and personalised action plan for your site and your main distribution and acquisition channels.

The following functions are present by default in the e-Shop interface:

• Product Catalog
• Search by category and subcategory
• Product sheet
• Order
• My cart
• A powerful and secure On-Line payment service
• Validation of the purchase and launch of the delivery process

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